Thursday, November 18, 2010

Body Scrub: swing circulatory

Although still included in the new western world, this body scrub is a tradition in the countries of the middle east for centuries. Use a body scrub when you feel the need to do cleaning in depth for the circulation of blood

Orange scrubs
Scrub of fresh citrus fruit and has a slightly rough texture that can help remove the skin cells die and blood supply. You skin feels fresh and healthy. Recipe below is enough to five treatments:

45 ml sunflower seeds that have been mashed
45 mlm porridge oat medium
45 ml coarse sea salt
45 ml of orange peel that has been shredded
15 ml of lemon skin shredded
3 drops of essential oil of grape fruit
glass bottles closed
almond oil

Mixed all ingredients until evenly and store in a glass vessel closed meeting. When ready for treatment, take 1 / 5 of scrubs. After that, in a shallow bowl, mixed with the oil of almond to be a kind of pasta. Open all the clothes and stand in the bath up. Oleskan scrubs earlier while in the body with gentle massage. Give special attention to the skin area dry and hard as sikut, knee and heel. Clean the remnant scrub or flush before bath

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