Monday, November 15, 2010

Black Cumin Extract - What Are the Benefits?

Black Cumin Extract - What Are the Benefits?The black cumin extract benefits may be numerous. Black cumin benefits have been known since ancient times. The earliest date of cultivation is still unknown, but it has been found at several sites in ancient Egypt, including the tomb of Tutankhamen.

Black cumin seed comes from an annual flowering plant known as nigella sativa. The fruit is large and inflated, composed of a number of united follicles, each containing numerous seeds. It is used as a spice, because of its pungent bitter flavor and a faint fragrance of strawberries. It is used primarily in candies and liquors, although some kinds of bread are topped with the seeds.

Black Cumin Benefits

In herbal medicine, the black cumin extract benefits are said to be anti-hypertensive (reduces blood pressure), carminative, (combats flatulence, prevents bloating and gassiness), and anti-parasitic. Because of that, it is sometimes including in colon cleansers. It is interesting to note that the seeds are eaten by elephants to aid digestion. But there are more potential benefits.

More Possible Benefits

Scientific research has shown that black cumin benefits the lungs by protecting the bronchial tubes from spasms. This can be beneficial in asthma, bronchitis and as a cough suppressant. It was used traditionally to treat abscesses and tumors. Researchers have shown that black cumin seed contains beta sitosterol, an anti-tumor plant compound.

And More...

Researchers in Philadelphia have shown that black cumin benefits patients with pancreatic cancer, by blocking cell growth and causing the cells to die. These studies are in the early stages, but eventually black cumin seed could be used for cancer prevention and treatment.

Reading about all of the black cumin extract benefits may make it sound like a wonder drug, but, as I mentioned earlier, it is not that extraordinary. It is one of many plant extracts that are known to be beneficial to human health. Is it possible to take all of those extracts, every day? The answer is probably not, if you buy single-ingredient supplements, such as nigella sativa oil.

But, you can get the black cumin benefits combined with lots of others, if you find a well-designed multi-nutritional supplement. Some of the ingredients to look for include green tea, curcumin and resveratrol. If we can encourage enough people to take excellent supplements, starting as soon as possible, we may start to rates of cancer and heart diseases go down. That is our hope.
Black Cumin Extract - What Are the Benefits?

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